What Is An Autoinflammatory Disease ?I’m Glad You Asked

This post is very personal to me, in december of 2019 I was diagnosed with a unknown autoinflammatory disease. I’m hoping to bring awareness and possible reach others who are dealing with the same thing as me. So let’s get started! What is an Autoinflammatory Disease? So basically it all starts when some of aContinue reading “What Is An Autoinflammatory Disease ?I’m Glad You Asked”

How To Kick Quarantine’s Ass With A Smile

Hello everyone! I want to give you some ideas/tips on how to beat the quarantine blues. Seeing as the Coronavirus pandemic has made millions of people be stuck inside for the couple months. People must be getting stir-crazy now if not been already. So let’s get into it! #1: Make a schedule and a toContinue reading “How To Kick Quarantine’s Ass With A Smile”

About Me!

Hey, my name is Jessica, I’m a 21 years old college student getting my bachelors degree in Health Science. I hope to blog about everything in my life from dealing with an Autoinflammatory disease, health/fitness, college, and beauty. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notifiedContinue reading “About Me!”