I am my own worst enemy

fighting procrastination concept – do it phrase on color sticky notes posted on a cork bulletin board

Have you ever heard of self-sabotage? If not here is the definition, self-sabotage is the behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do. This could be self medication, drug/alcohol abuse, emotional eating, procrastination, self harm, etc……. Does that ring a bell? It does for me, I tend to self-sabotage a lot and sometimes I do it without even knowing it.

My main self-sabotage behaviors are procrastination, emotion eating, and negative self talk. It is like sometimes I convince myself I do not deserve to be happy with myself or the only way to cope with my physical pain is to eat that sugary sweet food until I want to throw up. I prevent myself from reaching goals that I set for myself. It’s hard to even admit it because it hurts that I am the one causing setbacks in my life.

Now obviously I want to change so here are my goals for February and how I’m going to achieve them!

  • Stop procrastinating on homework – write down all assignments down on a to-do list sorted by the week they are due.
  • Complete the first four weeks of medical weight loss program- Use all the tools you have like going to therapy, journaling, leaning on family for support, believing in yourself.
  • Work on positive talk- going to therapy, journaling my feelings, and morning affirmations.
  • Work on time management skills- To-do list for daily tasks, create a daily routine, use a calendar to help stop scheduling issues.

Self-sabotaging is normal human behavior but it can affect your daily life. So I encourage you if you are like me, “your own worst enemy”, to first admit it to yourself if you haven’t already, identify how you self-sabotage, set some goals, and work to change these behaviors/patterns. Also do not be afraid to seek help if you need it! You are not alone! You got this !

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Published by JessicaN

Hey, my name is Jessica, I’m a 22years old college student getting my bachelors degree in Health Science. I hope to blog about everything in my life from dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, health/fitness, college, and beauty.

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