Two Weeks Update on New Medication

Hello everyone it’s been about a month since I last posted here and that is going to change. I had to take a break with everything going on with my health, the world, and the start of the new year. I’ll be posting two posts today as a sorry gift !

So back to the topic of the posts haha. It has been two weeks since I started Kineret and I am still hopeful. I have not seen nor feel any big changes in my symptoms yet. But I have been told that it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to actually feel or see if the medication is working. So that’s what I’m hoping for, some on the swelling in my hands and arms have gone down but I am still having pain in my shoulders, hands, wrist, knees, and ankles. I am not willing to give up on this medication yet, so when I go back to my Rheumatologist and ask for a higher dosage which could solve all the problems. The only downsides to Kineret is how much it burns when it is injected and the reactions at my injection sites are pretty annoying. That’s all though, the side effects could be much worse so I am thankful for that.

So yeah that is my two week update on my new medication! Hope you all enjoy today’s post and make sure to follow to get updates on new posts! Love you all!

Published by JessicaN

Hey, my name is Jessica, I’m a 22years old college student getting my bachelors degree in Health Science. I hope to blog about everything in my life from dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, health/fitness, college, and beauty.

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