How To Kick Quarantine’s Ass With A Smile

Hello everyone! I want to give you some ideas/tips on how to beat the quarantine blues. Seeing as the Coronavirus pandemic has made millions of people be stuck inside for the couple months. People must be getting stir-crazy now if not been already. So let’s get into it!

  • #1: Make a schedule and a to do list. It helps you to be productive and not forget important tasks.
  • #2: Building off the first tip, go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. That way you do not mess up your regular sleep cycle.
  • #3: Do something that makes you happy when you start to feel lonely or sad. Have a dance party in your kitchen, read a book, or anything that makes you feel good to distract from negative thoughts.
  • #4: Do not panic clean your house! Seriously stop, cleaning everything everyday even if you or your family do not leave the house is only going to cause more anxiety and stress about the situation. Relax and Wash Your Hands.
  • #5: Stay in touch with family and friends. It will release some stress on you, family members, and friends by knowing everyone is okay.
  • #6: Learning something you always want to but never had the time. Keeping your brain stimulated will help with the stir-crazy feeling.
  • #7: Go outside, get some vitamin D and don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face (sun damage and premature winkles are a no no).
  • #8: Create alone time and family time that way you can avoid fights and being annoyed with eachother.
  • #9: Show your pets some extra love. They need you and you need them.
  • #10: Lastly do not under any circumstances forget to take care of yourself. Mind, Body, and Soul.

Thank you reading lovelies! Remember quarantine will be over soon and as Shawn and Gus from the tv show Psych say during the usa marathon “Hey Covid-19, Suck it.”

Published by JessicaN

Hey, my name is Jessica, I’m a 22years old college student getting my bachelors degree in Health Science. I hope to blog about everything in my life from dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, health/fitness, college, and beauty.

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